Specialty Papers

A variety of short-cut fibers are used in specialty paper applications. Benefits include increased toughness, tear resistance, stiffness and bulk. Water-soluble short-cut fibers, such as polyvinyl alcohol, are used as effective binders. Nanofibrillated pulps such as EFTec™ and acrylic CFF® are used by itself or in combination with other fibers to produce entirely synthetic paper with controlled sheet characteristics without using any resins, adhesives, or heat calendaring. Such paper provides exceptional wet strength, moisture resistance, dimensional stability at varying levels of humidity, resistance to sunlight.  The utilization of nanofibrillated pulp as a binder allows one to produce specialty papers with high loadings of filler materials, such as activated carbon. Some examples of specialty papers made with nanofibrilated pulp include transmission/friction papers, molded clutch facings, security papers, fuel cell papers, membrane supports, speaker cones, etc. EFT has many years of experience in developing specialty papers formulations. Contact EFT to discuss your fiber needs for specialty papers.