EFT provides a variety of short-cut fibers to the Refractories Industry. Both meltable and non-meltable fibers can be used in refractories. Meltable fibers, such as polypropylene, can be used for controlling the permeability (or impermeability) and generating permeable connections within the castable matrix. The effects caused by fibers are strongly influenced by their length and diameter. For using short-cut fibers as reinforcements, their elastic properties must be kept on a suitable level over the temperature range in which the risk of damage and failure of refractory material is high. Ceramic fibers were developed for applications in which temperatures exceeding 1000 0C as well as corrosive/oxidizing environment can be encountered. The ceramic fibers show high-strength and high-modulus properties in both tension and compression applications. Specialized ceramic fibers are made from precursor fibers or a very thin tungsten-core wire onto which materials like boron or silicon carbide are deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Contact EFT to discuss your fiber needs and applications.