Oil and Gas / Mining

There is a long history of short-cut fiber use in drilling and completions. Fibers are used in drilling, cementing operations, hydraulic fracturing, and in matrix acidizing jobs. In drilling applications fiber-based loss-circulation pills help to combat severe loss circulation challenge.  Fiber-laden fracturing fluids provide means for improved fracture conductivity, effective proppant placement, fluid loss reduction, proppant pack stabilization and flow diversion. Addition of fibers to cement slurries helps to improve cement compressive strength, tensile strength, decrease porosity and permeability of cement, cure lost circulation problems and improve overall costs of cementing jobs. Nanofibrillated cellulose fibers have recently found use as viscosity modifiers in well fluids used in stimulation and enhanced oil recovery applications. Contact EFT to discuss your fiber needs.

In mining applications, short-cut fibers, especially basalt, can improve shotcrete by providing crack resistance, bridging, and toughening and can significantly improve the ability of shotcrete to restrain surrounding rock deformation.