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Rockford, IL - December 23, 2021

Dear EFT Customer,

December 23rd, 2021 marks the last day of operation for Engineered Fibers Technology’s Shelton, CT facility. All equipment, products and processes have been relocated to Engineered Fibers Technology’s Rockford, IL facility. In Rockford, EFT will continue to manufacture world class quality products and strive to supply our customers with excellent customer service, as you have been accustomed to over the years.

All calls to the CT facility will be forwarded to Rockford, IL. However, the phone number you should use to reach customer service, quality and production is 815-964-8619. In addition, EFT will maintain an R&D and Engineered Materials lab in Oxford, CT. Bob Evans will stay in Oxford in a supporting role. The phone number for the lab in Oxford is 203-266-2182. Other sales contacts and other contact information can be found on our website at

Please submit all purchase orders to

In addition, the Windsor Federal Bank account will be closing, so please remit payment to Illinois Bank & Trust account if you haven’t already been doing so.

Other contacts:
President - Andy Honkamp -
Quality Control - Shannon Endress -
Customer Service - Chris Smith -
Acc's Receivable - Arianne Honkamp -

All the above personnel can be reached at 815-964-8619.

Our team looks forward to continuing to grow the EFT business along with the growth of our great customers.


Andy Honkamp

Rockford, IL - July 30, 2020

Cellusuede Products, Inc, Rockford, IL is pleased to announce it has acquired Engineered Fibers Technology, (EFT) Shelton, CT. On June 30, 2020, Cellusuede completed the purchase and now has 100% interest in EFT ownership, greatly expanding Cellusuede’s capabilities as a precision short-cut fiber supplier.
EFT, founded in 1998, is an industry leader in precision short-cut technical fibers (including Ni coated carbon, Vectran, BioMid, lyocell, S-2 glass, aramid, and PEEK, among several others) into technical markets, including specialty papers, construction and composites, as well as into thermoplastic /thermoset molding compounds, with coated (controlled strand integrity) fibers. EFT also has a well-established and unique line of wet processed fibers that includes EFTec TM Nanofibrillated fibers for filtration, wipes and specialty papers. In addition, EFT’s offerings include its DensePakTM proprietary short fiber and packaging expertise used to manufacture obscurant devices employed by the U.S. Government as a defense against sophisticated electro-optical sensors and advanced weapon systems.

EFT is well recognized for its materials science expertise and proprietary technology for high performance technical applications. EFT’s solutions-based technical focus combined with Cellusuede’s long standing history of highest quality short-cut fibers and larger scale capacity will catapult the Company into new technical markets while entrenching the Company even further into existing markets as a first quality partner to our customer base.

Cellusuede, an ESOP company founded in 1938, will look to leverage EFT’s capabilities to grow its business in energy storage markets, automotive applications and additive manufacturing. Andy Honkamp, President and CEO of Cellusuede, is the new President of EFT. Bob Evans, founder and former Managing Director of EFT, will stay on in a technical consulting role, and Dave Merrill, former Sales and Marketing Director for EFT, will remain in a sales and customer service support role.

Cellusuede Products, Inc.
1515 Elmwood Road
Rockford, IL 61103
Fax: (815)964-7949