WF Basofil® Series Melamine Fiber

melamine chemistry

Melamine chemistry


Basofil® fiber is a cost effective heat resistant fiber based on melamine chemistry, with a 400°F (200°C) continuous operating temperature. Melamine fibers are flame resistant, have outstanding heat/dimensional stability, and are self-extinguishing. EFT’s WF series of melamine fibers have a fiber length distribution tailored for use in wet-laid nonwovens. Typical fiber lengths are in the 1-12mm range, and they show excellent dispersion and formation in wet-laid processes.

Unique Features

melamine fiber cross-sections

Cross-sections of melamine fibers.

Typical Applications

fiber diameter distribution


The EFT WF series of short-cut melamine fibers is typically supplied in “wet-crumb” form with a solids content of 20-35%, depending on grade. Standard packaging is one 1000lb plastic lined box per pallet. Custom grades and special packaging are available.

Heat Resistance

TGA profile of melamine

Thermogravimetric analysis of WF Series Melamine Fiber

Flame Resistance

Flame resistance testing

Self-extinguishing behavior of model paper with 35% WF Series Melamine Fiber.

Typical Properties

MeasurementUnitsTypical Values
Color Ivory white
Average Diameterµm15
Average Denierg/9000m2.4
Specific Gravity 1.4
Tensile Strengthksi36
Elongation at Break%11
Moisture Regain (23°C, 65% RH)%5
Shrinkage at 200°C (1hr exposure)%<1
Limiting Oxygen Index%32
Maximum Continuous Operating Temperature°C200
Melting Temperature°CDoes not melt or drip
Resistance to Mildew, Aging, Sunlight Excellent
Resistance to Solvents, Alkalis Excellent

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