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High Technology Fibers, Materials and Services

Engineered Fibers Technology, LLC, Shelton, CT, established in 1998 and now located in our expanded manufacturing and research facility, offers a broad range of high performance fibers and materials including precision short-cut fibers from a wide range of fiber types, as well as EFTec™ Nanofibrillated Fibers and other fibrillated fibers for technical papers and engineered materials. Spectracarb™ GDL porous graphite conductive papers and panels are manufactured for fuel cell and other various electrochemical devices. Contract research, technical support and applications development are provided in all of these areas, with laboratory facilities maintained to address both product and process development. Consulting services are also available.

EFT Building

Precision Short-Cut Fibers

EFT can provide a wide range of both textile / industrial type and higher performance engineering type precision short-cut fibers, in lengths from 0.25 mm to over 75 mm. Currently available fibers include a wide range of acrylic, modacrylic, lyocell, rayon, polyester, melamine, PVA, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon, splittable bicomponent fibers, thermal binder bicomponent fibers and other specialty textile / industrial type fibers. Various engineering/ technical fibers including pitch and PAN based carbon fibers, Ni and Cu clad carbon fibers, S-2 Glass, Quartz, PEEK, PPS, Ultem, Spectra, Vectran, PBI, fluorocarbons including PTFE and Halar, aramid, high modulus acrylic and PVA, and high tenacity polyester. Fiber orders from a few hundred grams to production / truckload quantities can be delivered. We can also coat / size advanced fibers from aqueous based polymers prior to cutting. Contract cutting services and special packaging options to meet specific customer requirements have been expanded. In addition, we maintain strategic alliances with several fiber producers worldwide to be able to provide the newest fiber products and highest levels of customer service.

Shortcut Fiber

EFTec Nanofibrillated Fibers

EFT™ also has broad capabilities to provide highly fibrillated fibers/pulps including EFTec Nanofibrillated Acrylic Fibers and EFTec Nanofibrillated Lyocell Fibers with average fibril diameters of 0.2-0.3 microns for filtration and other wet-laid applications. We can also provide other fibrillated fibers including Vectran LCP pulps and Zylon PBO pulps in a range of lengths and degrees of fibrillation. Fibrillated polypropylene fiber and nylon / polyester pulp blends are also now available. Fibrillation capabilities range from laboratory scale to large-scale commercial /container load production batches. Wet pulps are normally provided for wet-laid applications, but dry pulps can also be produced.


Spectracarb GDL

Spectracarb™ 2050A porous carbon-carbon papers, developed by Spectracorp and now produced by Engineered Fibers Technology, are available for use in demanding fuel cell and other electrochemical device applications such as PEM fuel cell gas diffusion layer (GDL) electrodes. Spectracarb paper consists of a graphitized network of resin-bonded carbon fiber. This offers good air/water permeability, while also providing structural rigidity and high electrical conductivity. EFT supplies a wide range of GDL ranging in thickness from five-mils to over 250 mils with densities ranging from 0.25 to 0.90 g/cm3. EFT also has the capability of producing custom grades from pilot-scale to full commercial production in order to meet customer-specific targets. For battery and energy storage (super capacitor) applications EFT supplies Spectracarb™ 2225 Activated Carbon Fabric with a BET surface area of greater than 2000 m2/g.


Contract Research / Product Support / Consulting Services

EFT is also continuing to expand contract research and development and provide product support to address specific customer requirements and applications. We maintain a laboratory staff and have the ability to provide applications development and evaluation, as well as technical support to customers related to new short-cut fibers and pulps, with the major focus being on wet-laid papers, filtration media, slurry molded shapes, as well as lower cost and customer tailored Spectracarb GDL.

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